Ethic of Consequences (Ego vs. Thanos)

In the recent cinematic production of Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), a ruthless “Celestial” (deity), who came into existence millions of years ago and goes by the name “Ego,” has grown bored of his own immortality, not to mention being deeply disappointed with the inferior beings who inhabit the universe. So he plans to use his …Continue reading →

Is God an EGOmaniac Like Star-Lord’s Dad?

“When people think of a god that glorifies himself, they erroneously, although understandably, reach the verdict that he is an egomaniac. “John Piper talks about famous people, such as Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt, who have walked away from historic Christianity because they found the idea of God’s self-exaltation to be unloving and/or egocentric. (To watch the video, click here.) …Continue reading →


One day, Poetry came to find me. It was like any other day As moss grows And ravens crow Poetry invaded my soul. In what felt Like a microcosm Of the big bang, Light and matter Flashed Into existence. Order from chaos. Water Lashed its wet tongue Against A rusty, Salty lock At the bottom of the ocean. All the …Continue reading →

Chocolate Universe

Gravity faints into our laps. We sample the fragrant blend of lavender, lilies, apricots, and figs from each other’s mouth. I swallow a chocolate universe. My stomach absorbs two planets colliding. The stars envy the passion of our embrace. Swimming in one another’s arms I feel weightless like a unborn child in the womb. You place your hand in mine …Continue reading →

Integration of Science and Religion by Dr. Wernher von Braun

“After years of probing the spectacular mysteries of the universe, I have been led to a firm belief in the existence of God. The grandeur of the cosmos serves only to confirm my belief in the certainty of a creator. I just cannot envision this whole Universe coming into being without something like divine will. The natural laws of the …Continue reading →

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