Gentle Strength/Una Fuerza Gigante con una Ternura tan Grande

In Memory of My Beloved Uncle, Teacher, and Friend: Dr. José Thomas Campos The man that wisdom sought plucked at life’s virtuous string. What a melody you’ve made: your grandchildren skip in stride, while integrity sleeps soundly by our side. The stranger with gentle eyes is no stranger at all, who reminds us to make new memories come alive. Never …Continue reading →

Plight of an Artist

The plight of an artist bleeds stripes of passion. Across the back of a scarred soul– where self-medication takes its guilt-ridden toll– the mortality of an artist curves like a beam of light at the edge of a black hole bending reality with hungry arms and a thirsty tongue that suckles deep at the breast of immortality’s song. The plight …Continue reading →


Passion rises from the East To dress the dawn in a shroud of gold. She blushes in a monochromatic sky Contrasting the hues of blue above her eyes. “Hold my hand,” he asks, “with your warm rays?” She responds, “By dusk and dove’s flight bring a red rose into the West Garden.” “Surely, I cannot send you just one,” he …Continue reading →

A Feather Apart

Two doves covered in white Take shelter inside from winter’s first bite. A beak chirping for two Tongues a string of promises holding my heart’s key for you. The entangled freedom of love’s plight Is a phenomenon understood not, until wings soar in the receding blue high above mts’ climb, where purity and passion collide. The sun and I will …Continue reading →

Prayer of Blessing

LORD, we ask that You would hear our prayer and adopt our son as Your son so that from an early age Nathanael Joseph DeLagneau may know who he is in You—a redeemed sinner in Christ Jesus. May he know that when Your Spirit resides in him, You will neither leave him nor forsake him. May he be a godly …Continue reading →

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