Two years have passed and life has just begun. You see what lies hidden when everyone else is done. The earth is your footstool. You watch from across a sea of stars as the day waves from afar and the moon drinks its warm cup of incandescent light. The earth is your footstool. One more day is all you need …Continue reading →

Frustrated Emotions

Whenever I’m consumed by life’s nagging problems, I entertain nature. I run along the shoreline racing moonlit waves until they run out of breath. The soft sand grips my ankles tight calling for a slow stride. I stand at the edge of a white foam balcony. She accepts me exactly as I am. We listen to each other and understand …Continue reading →

Pelican Harbor

Wed lovers, mountains of white, hearts pound to the sound of snow being crunching beneath skis plummeting down life’s uncharted summit. Banners unfurl, trumpets rejoice, souls intertwine, and ambrosia suckled from a flower. Everything is new like it was in Eden. Your smile gives sight something to look forward to. I know no other Paradise than the one in your …Continue reading →

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