Children’s Book

I’d like to take this time to officially announce that I’m writing a children’s book with my son. We started writing it a few years back. I just finished putting together a query letter, which I’m sending to Kregel Publications. I’m sharing it with you now to get some honest feedback. Please leave a comment if this is a story …Continue reading →


Fear stifles love and ultimately imagination. To freely love and be loved (that is, to create a moment or memory with someone), one must stand ground in the presence of fear and its twin, condemnation, and smile in the dark. By the term “imagination” I mean the soul’s ability to freely create with bold, unapologetic pleasure. This courage and joy …Continue reading →

The Best Version of Yourself

Be kind. Be understanding. People are fragile, whether they show it or not. Learn to recognize the frightened child in all humanity by listening rather than talking. Just as you were when you were a child—afraid of failure—you will undoubtedly be tempted as an adult with the fear of not being accepted by your peers. The same goes for all …Continue reading →

Fight or Flight

Fear stifles creativity and productivity. When we focus on our fears we unconsciously activate our sympathetic nervous system, which stimulates activities associated with the fight or flight response. This distress signal to our autonomic nervous system takes blood away from our extremities, including our brain, and rushes it to our vital organs. When this happens, our body overrides rational thought …Continue reading →

Faith vs. Fear

LORD, help me not to be overcome with fear but, rather, help me to overcome fear with faith!

Fear Truth

We fear truth because truth requires accountability and change. But once we are accountable to that change, truth will set us free from our former fears. 012604

From Above

Love’s breath beckons me forward But fear of cloud’s rain and storm’s gain Holds my heart ransom. Life quivers Death considers But nothing can explain what jitters inside me. From ropes of despair to angelic hair, From heart’s bleeding to joy exceeding Is what one man saw. A captive of love’s entanglement – I am. I used to surrender to …Continue reading →


Familiar winds of fear take from me my last as I fall in a puddle of redundancy. Heaven opens and clouds part to manifest my destiny. I challenge myself to a hazardous hike in the winter of my spirit’s discontent to fight and be free. On my journey, I bring a pair of scarred shins and calloused feet to pave …Continue reading →

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