Tire Swing

Lips of mine look to the north      and sail away. You will find a suitable home      with her to stay. There you will savor      the sweetest wine,      the most delicious jams,      and exotic fruit. I pray you don’t miss what you don’t already know–         the hearty feel                     of a conversational meal and …Continue reading →

Plight of an Artist

The plight of an artist Bleeds stripes of passion. Across the back of a scarred soul, Where self-medication takes its guilt-ridden toll, The soul of an artist curves Like a beam of light At the edge of a black hole Bending reality With hungry arms And a thirsty tongue Suckling deep At the breast of a lover’s song.   The …Continue reading →

Pelican Harbor

Wed lovers, mountains of white, hearts pound to the sound of snow being crunching beneath skis plummeting down life’s uncharted summit. Banners unfurl, trumpets rejoice, souls intertwine, and ambrosia suckled from a flower. Everything is new like it was in Eden. Your smile gives sight something to look forward to. I know no other Paradise than the one in your …Continue reading →

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