May I Have this Dance?

An orchestra of birds sing outside my window. They’re actually angels disguised as pocket-sized musicians. “And from where art thou?” I ask. “We were first sent to watch over a fair maiden. She sleeps so peacefully on a cumulus cloud and talks as if she were awake. While she sleeps, she smiles knowing that Someone is watching. We cannot bear to …Continue reading →

God’s Track Record

We want to overcome our fears with faith in God, but how do we do that? One way is to remember God in context to History. Recall what God has done throughout the ages for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, et al. Particularly with the patriarchs, God was sovereign, providential, merciful, and He kept His promises! Now focus on …Continue reading →


God accepted a self-initiated invitation to embody His own creation. They proclaim One called the Christ, neither legend nor hero, but God enfleshed. He lived among us, so they say, doing nothing more or less than exemplifying love in time and space; all-the-while, foreknowing an imminent terrestrial disgrace. But why would Omniscience do such a thing? Rumor has it, oracles …Continue reading →

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