Tire Swing

Lips of mine look to the north      and sail away. You will find a suitable home      with her to stay. There you will savor      the sweetest wine,      the most delicious jams,      and exotic fruit. I pray you don’t miss what you don’t already know–         the hearty feel                     of a conversational meal and …Continue reading →

Sacred Garden

Pink peonies and tulips, red poppies and roses, grape hyacinths and hydrangeas, yellow pansies and posies, daffodils, lilies and buttercups color our sacred garden. The diversity of these flowers remind us of our own scope of influence–the community around us that God has called us to love and tend to. The work of uprooting weeds that seek to level our …Continue reading →

Blurred Lines of Morality

What to do when you feel overwhelmed about the blurred lines of morality? What to do when you feel grieved over the cross-pollination of good and evil, right and wrong, in our ever-changing culture? There’s been so much media-attention recently concerning the political views and actions of the Right and the Left. There’s a presidential election on the horizon and …Continue reading →

Carmel and Its Charm

On a recent trip with my wife to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, we got to experience most of what makes this town so charming. Besides being known for its celebrity-influenced politics–Clint Eastwood as former mayor and Doris Day as animal welfare activist–Carmel is world famous for its European-style architecture. Below are some personal pics of our short but inspirational trip for your …Continue reading →

Colors on Canvas

The effects of the wind speak loudly of the wind’s existence, intelligence, and power. Carving paths on the side of mountains, stirring seas, sweeping roadways, strengthening elaborate root systems, and even feeding fires, the wind is everywhere, touching everything, but taking credit for nothing just as a brush in the painter’s hand fails to take credit for colors on canvas.

Works of Faith

Works of faith, not works and faith, is what pleases God. A sincere faith that produces good works is most beneficial for the preservation of all creation. It’s in our best interest to investigate, refine, and express our faith in order to “redeem our consciousness” (Luther), and preserve our purity for the sake of others. Works and faith would force …Continue reading →

Underground Stare

Light from heaven’s eyes reflects off the sun to build an empire of love. Brick by brick loyalty lays down her foundation. Cumulus chains lower the celestial drawbridge to welcome the thirsty sun that drinks the moat dry. The Day gallops throughout the ole cobblestone roads of Rome into catacomb’s underground stare. Heaven wraps her arms around the dying of …Continue reading →

Spiritual Heirlooms

It is most unfortunate that some believers find it unnatural to disrobe themselves of their religious superstitions and convictions that prevent them from standing naked and unashamed before their Creator-Redeemer. It’s as if they’re still running around in the Garden after the Fall fearful of their own nakedness. One of the hardest things to let go of for most people, …Continue reading →

Quiet Strength

Your strength lies in the towers of your eyes. My soul stops time so your quiet words will not soon be forgotten. Your silence shouts with the beauty and grace of a thousand angels singing. Your silent poetry shines into the world like a bright ray of hope. Your breath untangles the knots of Winter’s storm. With every breath you …Continue reading →

May I Have this Dance?

An orchestra of birds sing outside my window. They’re actually angels disguised as pocket-sized musicians. “And from where art thou?” I ask. “We were first sent to watch over a fair maiden. She sleeps so peacefully on a cumulus cloud and talks as if she were awake. While she sleeps, she smiles knowing that Someone is watching. We cannot bear to …Continue reading →

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