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  • Patrick says:

    I am blessed to know this man of God, and call him one of my closest brothers. The best test of a person’s ministry is how they care for their family and friends. While many of my closest friends were looking away during a personal crisis, Chester has remained One of my chief “encouragers and prayer warriors”. I am thankful to have him in my life and look forward to seeing others “flourishing” through his ministry.

    • Chester Delagneau says:

      Thanks Patrick! Your words are a blessing to me and so is your friendship. I am always, by that I mean practically daily, reminded of God’s love for me through you. It’s my pleasure to your Barnabas!

  • Rick Oliver says:


    Great to hear from you! I saved your website as a Favorite and will be back often, and I will be sharing it with others!
    Your friend, Rick Oliver.

  • Brad Penna says:

    Your website looks awesome; very cool stuff!

  • Kate Stellman says:

    CHESTER!!!! GREAT website! Will keep you and your adventures in prayer as you continue to journey! GOD bless you and your ministry.

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