God has empowered me to encourage, teach, and bless others by both sharing my testimony as a former atheist steeped in sin and selfishness, and by using my knowledge of Bible, theology, philosophy, and ethics to glorify Him. Thanks be to God’s grace, I stand before you a transformed man with an insatiable appetite for the Truth! Speaking and writing about, as well as defending, the truth is my passion and calling (ministry). For me ministry is an intricate web of pleasures, which include being an author, blogger, father, husband, inspirational speaker, podcaster, poet, and preacher.

This website is part of that ministry.

This ministry is inspired by metaphysical truth.


This Truth is Christ!

4 Responses to “Ministry”

  • Patrick says:

    I am also blessed to know this man of God, and call him one of my closest brothers. The best test of a person’s ministry is how they care for their family and friends. While many of my closest friends were looking away during a personal crisis, Chester has remained One of my chief “encouragers and prayer warriors”. I am thankful to have him in my life and look forward to seeing others “flourishing” through his ministry.

    • Chester Delagneau says:

      Thanks Patrick! Your words are a blessing to me and so is your friendship. I am always, by that I mean practically daily, reminded of God’s love for me through you. It’s my pleasure to your Barnabas!

  • Jason Kyser says:

    I believe the above description of his ministry describes my friendship with Chester perfectly.. I see him as a friend and a mentor. His search for truth and defense of truth has blessed me enormously. He has had words of warning and encouragement for me and has helped grow my understanding of Christ. He has a willingness to be wrong even thought he often is not. It is an honor to know him and a blessing to be able to call him when I have a theological or philosophical question or when I just need encouragement.. Keep fighting the good fight and sincerly thank you for all that you do!

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