God’s Track Record

We want to overcome our fears with faith in God, but how do we do that? One way is to remember God in context to History. Recall what God has done throughout the ages for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, et al. Particularly with the patriarchs, God was sovereign, providential, merciful, and He kept His promises! Now focus on God’s track record in your life! Has God not been sovereign, providential, merciful, and faithful to you?

When we see things the way they really are, fear is a sick person’s poison leaving us debilitated with delusions of defeat, but faith sees God lifted up in the full splendor of His glory with the angels in heaven incessantly declaring His holiness. This is the God we worship! This is the God who is “for us”! This is the God who promises us victory over our fears!

Chester Delagneau

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