God accepted a self-initiated invitation to embody His own creation.

They proclaim One called the Christ, neither legend nor hero, but God enfleshed. He lived among us, so they say, doing nothing more or less than exemplifying love in time and space; all-the-while, foreknowing an imminent terrestrial disgrace. But why would Omniscience do such a thing? Rumor has it, oracles of cultivated wisdom and narratives of a punctuated kingdom were inspired and written down so all humanity would read and mimic History.

Candlelight ink was spilt onto papyrus scrolls to be meticulously copied and repetitively told. Tatooed-flesh–“King of Kings and Lord of Lords”–came to bring us victorious life, this tall glass of Living Water to slake the thirst of the sick, those riddled with strife.

I slide my empty mug across the table. Heaven’s furrowed brow examines a parched mouth. Then, with a sly grin, He fills the silent cup.

I drink.

The water rushes down my pink virgin throat like a roaring waterfall impatiently waiting to touch the bottom. A redemptive splash cleanses me from the inside out.

Water turns to wine. I become intoxicated with the joy of forgiveness.

Today, a sea of sins has drowned in resurrected grace. A change transforms the atmosphere, while the wind blows against a born-again face.

Chester Delagneau

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