Pelican Harbor

Wed lovers. Mountains of white. Hearts pound to the sound of snow crunching beneath skis plummeting down life’s uncharted summit.

Banners unfurl. Trumpets rejoice. Souls intertwine as ambrosia suckles from a flower.

Everything is new like it was in Eden. Your smile inspires sight with visions by day and dreams by night. I know no other Paradise than the one in your arms.

Waves crash over me. I’m swallowed whole. Moonbeams shoot from your fingers and toes. We take a ride through the tides seeing the world through almond eyes. Then, the Moon draws near. All becomes clear: pelican harbor is our first stop on our journey free from the seaweed entanglements of this world.

You are my Eve. Alabaster kisses swing high and low like two lovebirds holding each other inside a bronze bosom. “Draw near to me,” they sing praising their Creator on a perch called Eternity.



Chester Delagneau

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