Familiar winds of fear take from me my last as I fall in a puddle of redundancy. Heaven opens and clouds part to manifest my destiny.

I challenge myself to a hazardous hike in the winter of my spirit’s discontent to fight and be free. On my journey, I bring a pair of scarred shins and calloused feet to pave a path for my progeny through a fertile hillside. Virtue becomes the fuel I need to overcome the vices that’ve paralyzed my eudaimon sprint.

“God is your femur and with every foot’s fall forgive those who’ve hurt you,” I cry. Undulated mountains of uncertainty become as clear as a child being lost and found in a world full of ups and downs.

Stare deep into her Draconian eyes, but don’t be seduced by her sensual sarcasm. Calm the storm and end the war. Embrace the void deep within and dance cheek to cheek. Quell the guilt of ineludible sin that cries countless tears of cognitive dissonance. Hold me far and from my fears of perfection and disbelief.

God has derailed the train of anxiety’s final destination.


Chester Delagneau

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