Mystery of Tears

Spasms and sobs speak louder than words.

Leaky freedom trickles down mountains of flesh

As the fulfillment of time flaps its wings into the fray.

Tiny drops of love’s deep fill our hearts whole

Like a bucket that overflows.

What can medicate a broken heart more than You?

Can love ever be so true as to live passionately without You?

One Man wept more than all the lands of Arabia and Egypt combined.

He left His signature

Not on palm branches,

Shrouds or sepulchers.

But with redemptive blood

He stained the ground and broke the clouds.

His captivity is our release.

And to His distress we cry, “Oneness!”

The curtain was torn and Satan scorned.

He could’ve easily ended His grief.

With the blink of an eye

He could’ve been fine,

But Heaven would’ve owned a thief.

Salvation is near

For all who believe and fear–

Not by fright but reverence in each tear.

Blood in His eyes.

Spear in His side.

Thorns on His brow.

His Father left Him for now.

 Pierced metacarpals and splintered feet,

His mockers debased Him to a piece of meat.

Custom pressed onto cumbersome beams.

“It is finished,” He prophetically screamed.

For obedience is a far better spice

Than our greatest deeds masked as self-sacrifice.

Pain and pleasure He holds in a jar

Of every memory we hold dear.

Truly, truly, His compassion serves all

Who sympathize with the mystery of tears.

Chester Delagneau

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