In the Blink of an Eye

She dances around the orange sting with a glowing impression that summons the native children. The red rebel embers blush at her intrinsic strength. She grabs the night air and spreads it through her thick raven hair. The fire crackles and salutes her wearing a bright uniform perfumed with sap and sequoia.

She fixes her eyes on heaven’s door waiting to dance with the Rider of the white horse.

The whole village watches. But their eyes are blinded with strange scales hiding His majesty. If only they would break the spell of unbelief, they too could share in the mysteries of heaven.

Unexpectedly, a tiny thing shouts, “I see! I see! I see’m comin!”

Her older brother cries, “He … Beautiful!”

Then another, and another, until all the children are sold to freedom. They make up songs about the God-man who treads the vaulted skies.

While boys and girls hold hands dancing around the ring of fire, the village shaman cries, “Som’tin fall from eyes! I see … too! Da Man you say … He … He mo’ betta! He look at me and smile… What I do now?” he asks the brave ballerina.

“Smile back,” she says, “just smile back.”  Meanwhile, an old man blind from birth laughs with joy witnessing the signs and wonders that follow the Rider. The entire village is transformed in the blink of an eye.

The Rider races his horse down a velvet blue staircase to embrace what is rightfully His. Out of equestrian nostrils a billow of smoke spells, “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords.”

Suddenly, everything makes sense. All of life’s pain and suffering strengthens her faith. Like a pack of wolves her hair runs wild howling at the pregnant moon. The fire begins to beat its drums crackling over the spiritual unveiling.

Many years have passed and the story of one woman’s faith continues to encourage thousands to believe in the Rider of the white horse who treads the vaulted skies.

Chester Delagneau

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