Beauty embarks her journey on a wild white horse called Freedom. She rides through an open field of wild orchids.

Her hair is an endless ocean of glittering gold that smells of fresh jasmine in Spring.

Nature’s world—flora and fauna alike—senses her intrepid spirit. The gazelle travels from distant shores to dance alongside ‘er.

She’s escorted off her horse by an ocean breeze that awaits the sound of a whisper down.

Waves crash at her naked foot’s fall.

Clusters of stars line up to relinquish their crowns on azure pillows. The Moon buys front row seats.

Legend has it, her Creator pulled back a curtain of cumulus clouds to send a legion of angels to serenade her. What He saw He burned into His memory never to be forgotten. He shouted her name to Andromeda.

Upon hearing His voice, she twirled and twirled like a young schoolgirl.

Her smile blinded the constellations and colored the sky inspiring God to say, “Never has there been such beauty in all My days and in all My sight. From this day forth—‘Let there be light.’ ”

A Vivaldi concerto passed through His lips.

Upon hearing Him sing, tears of joy swam down her face filling the Seven Seas. The sound of her voice inspired the birth of Venus in the heart of the ocean.

Her virtue descends from heaven like a quilted blanket. Prudence and Patience iron the wrinkled blue and govern the mammalian sea. Dolphins sense her maternal scent and draw themselves near. She plays with her saltwater children wearing only a blue top-hat of ocean feeling their smooth stretched skin wrapped around her.

On the Sabbath, she kneels down before her Creator. Everything is perfect until the Nor’easter grows jealous. It inhales for nearly an hour and then exhales a mighty gale that capsizes ships and floods the Earth.

She turns to the dour breeze and whispers, “Would you be so kind as to lift me up and accompany me on my journey on a wild white horse called Freedom?”

Chester Delagneau

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