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First, a quick update about our family. I just finished teaching my last day of the 2019-20 school year at Heart Christian Academy. I taught junior high Bible, as well as 7th grade world history and language arts. For next year at Heart, I’ve been asked to teach both 7th and 8th grade humanities, which entails Bible, world history and U.S. history, and a combined language arts class. That’s a big honor and challenge!

After discussing it with my wife and some prayer, I accepted the offer. With God’s blessing, I’ll rock junior high humanities next year. (Part of the reason I agreed to take on more teaching responsibilities is because I’m planning on having more time on my hands after I publish the two books I’ll be discussing in this blog.)

This school year has presented itself with its unique set of circumstances and challenges. We took Nathan out of public school and brought him over to my school (a hybrid homeschool-private school), which turned out to be an enormous blessing considering the unforeseen Coronavirus pandemic that forced public school students to be partially-homeschooled. So I taught JR high and homeschooled my 5th grade son during the week.

My family survived the stress and negative social effects of the pandemic by keeping ourselves physically, spiritually and mentally active. In other words, we sought God out in His Word, prayer, and worship, we enjoyed His creation as a family via swimming, hiking, mountain-biking, running, boxing (I just started teaching my son self-defense), playing tennis and practicing calisthenics, and lastly, we did lots of research and writing.

When I wasn’t outdoors, I was collaborating with my son over the book we were writing and illustrating. We’ve titled it Imagining Jesus: Practicing the Presence of God for Children because it encourages imaginative spiritual exercises whereby we allow God to speak into our lives and circumstances. As of today we’ve submitted the front cover of the book into a publishing contest sponsored by Legaia Books. (We’d love your vote by liking or giving it a thumbs-up: https://m.facebook.com/pg/legaiabooks/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1520129871496846&__tn__=-UC-R)

I should hear back around the second week of July if our book made it to the next round of judging.

I’ve also been collaborating with my mom and dad about their m√©moires for a few years now. We’ve spent hundreds of hours talking about their lives before they met each other to sharing memories about the big earthquake to the (Contra-Sandinista) war to leaving Nicaragua to starting over in the United States. We’re nearly done organizing stories and pictures. Our hope is to be done writing and editing the book by the end of June. We’ll most likely self-publish, which will take about a month. So the book that we’ve titled Flight to Freedom: A Story of Refuge, Redemption and Restoration¬†should be in circulation in August.

Keep tuned in for my next blog about self-awareness, social distancing and social justice.

Chester Delagneau

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