I recently wrote this poem about a dear friend who was recently involved in a major car accident. She was broadsided but walked away.


Concentric circles of divine protection

Spread like ripples from the ocean of His Love.

Safety and security are His,

In His arms to give,

Providentially shielding you—

His chosen daughter from above.


To live in time is to live by faith

With sober reminders of irresistible grace.

The world swirls unpredictably

With gale force winds of change

That invite unfamiliarity.

But to know His favor

Is to enjoy every detail—

Every sound,

Every color, and

Every smell in the midst of adversity.


So don’t be dismayed

When a stone of fear is thrown into the center.

It’s the ripples from these moments—

Touching everything and everyone around you—

That invite the Holy Spirit to enter.

These are unforeseen miracles.

For the Lord of the universe is a multi-tasker—

He molds your character as strong and courageous,

While He reveals your identity as His li’l girl, and

Signs and seals your destiny with His crimson pen

As a Page in His notebook to return to

Again and again.


Chester Delagneau

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