“It’s Just Business”?

I can’t think of anything more offensive to God than the all-too-common slogan “It’s just business.” Someone may respond back: “Well, what about saying ‘I don’t believe in God’?” True, existential atheism is a problem. However, treating people unjustly is an offense to God’s character; it’s practical atheism, in that one could be a believer and yet be denying God by his lifestyle. The justification of faulty moral reasoning such as “because I can do it, therefore, I should do it” is the perfect recipe for manipulation, avarice, and selfishness. It justifies all kinds of creative scandals that set themselves up against the heart of God. Common examples come to mind like Enron, WorldCom, Barings Bank, insider trading, college admissions scandals, ad nauseum. Money making opportunities were created to bless both parties involved without creating unfair advantages. Think of all the relationships that could be blessed if we did business the right way (God’s way): employers and employees, landlords and tenants, bankers and members, merchants and customers, doctors and patients, lawyers and defendants, superintendents and teachers, artisans and buyers, politicians and publicans, priests and parishioners. Treating each other with justice–right actions–is God’s way of securing wellbeing, wholeness, and (objective) happiness for everyone. This is accomplished by seeking FIRST the kingdom of God, which includes the blessings we seek. But when we seek first our own kingdom and (subjective) happiness, we perpetuate brokenness (injustices) and reap the relational destruction (unrighteousness) we sow. Make no mistake: injustice and unrighteousness is an affront to a holy and just God. Today, ethics of business and politics have become synonymous with Machiavellianism–manipulation for personal gain. That is, God’s original system of ensuring prosperity for ALL has been warped into–the other offensive tagline–“the end justifies the means.” It’s no wonder people are turning to communism. 121019
Chester Delagneau

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