The Gardener

Capitalism will never defeat communism. Capitalism might prove to be a better politico-economic system of government, but it’s powerless in and of itself to deracinate communism’s destructive roots, which choke the life of all diversity, drive, competition, and nutrition in a garden that’s designed as a feast for the eyes and stomach.

Only with scarred hands that till the arid, hardened soil of communism’s internment can we all enjoy life in a gratuitous garden filled with colorful diversity and a healthy competition that inspires us to reach for the heavenly hands that created us and hold us.

Only a providential mixture of organic matter and minerals created ex nihilo–that feeds from the light–can decompose communism’s pseudo-acts of humanism.

Only the Gardener with thorn-pricked thumbs and dirt under his fingernails can uproot the weeds of totalitarianism in order to cultivate creative acts of true humanism in the soft, humble soil of sacrificial love.


Chester Delagneau

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