Sacred Garden

Pink peonies and tulips, red poppies and roses, grape hyacinths and hydrangeas, yellow pansies and posies, daffodils, lilies and buttercups color our sacred garden. The diversity of these flowers remind us of our own scope of influence–the community around us that God has called us to love and tend to.

The work of uprooting weeds that seek to level our sacred garden is a necessary and neverending toil. We are also called to plant and water seeds. But it’s God who grows and gives the increase (1 Cor 3:6-7).

Just as physical flowers need golden sunlight to grow, Jesus–the light of the world (Jn 8:12)–nourishes our delicate souls, according to His purposeful design. We’re created not only to survive but thrive with a delicate balance of divine provision and protection.

But we are our heavenly Gardener’s hands and feet, here-and-now, feeling under our bare feet earth’s fertile soil and its creatures that team with life, moving upwards towards the surface that searches for the Light. We dig our virgin hands into the dirt to pack atoms of organic matter under our fingernails to know that we are but clay in the Potter’s hands.

We are but dust and to dust we will return. But in this short while, we are not to dismiss our labor of love, which is to speak truth into each other’s lives. By this we remove the choking weeds from around our neighbors’ necks. And to those who’ve never understood their agrarian roots, we are called to plant seeds with divine purpose of which new life burgeons with the hope of community and diversity as pink peonies and tulips, red poppies and roses…

Chester Delagneau

2 Responses to “Sacred Garden”

  • Mariann says:

    And so we take time to smell the roses. What a divine scent you have left of His divine nature and analogies thereof

    • Chester Delagneau says:

      Enjoying God and enjoying His creation is my heart’s desire. I’m so glad it left you with a”divine scent” of “His divine nature.”

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