Tire Swing

Lips of mine

look to the north

     and sail away.

You’ll find a suitable home

     with her to stay.

There you will savor

     the sweetest wine,

     the most delicious jams,

     and exotic fruit.

I pray you don’t miss

what you don’t already know–

        the hearty feel

                    of a conversational meal

and her smile burned into the sun.

You’ll grow up big and strong

and learn the trade

     of the twins who came before you–

               tenderness and truth.

Set sail for lover’s cove

and search for life’s hidden treasures.

Never depart from them!

For they will impart wisdom

     on your journey.

Speak your heart’s poetry to the stars;

Profess your love to the moon,

     until it blushes into the light of day.

And wait to kiss the daughter of heaven’s bow

     on her forehead

the night her Father

     betroths you a wife. 

She will ride with you

     up the steepest mountain’s climb.

Sleep not until your horse has its fill.

Drink this potion—oh lips of mine,

And forget not what you are:

     patriots of passion that tire not the memory

               of daisies sewn into her soul.

Dance with her

under Eden’s tree

     where the golden sun

     sinks deep into evergreen fields

               humming its warm tune.

Hold her close in your embrace

Until you see the dream foretold

     rocking to-and-fro

               on the ole tire swing

               where lips tend to go.

Goodbye eyes of mine

look to the north

     and sail away.

For the wind blows

wherever it sways.


Chester Delagneau

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