May I Have this Dance?

An orchestra of birds sing outside my window. They’re actually angels disguised as pocket-sized musicians.

“And from where art thou?” I ask.

“We were first sent to watch over a fair maiden. She sleeps so peacefully on a cumulus cloud and talks as if she were awake. While she sleeps, she smiles knowing that Someone is watching. We cannot bear to take our dwarf-eyes off her, but our time has run out. Now, you’ve been chosen to watch over her,” they proclaim. “We have been taping on your window like lonely raindrops hoping to be invited in out of the cold. Seven of us have volunteered to foster a predestined romance that has been sealed in the stars and burned on the sun. So go to her quickly as a poem finds its last words, and you too shall find your way.” In harmony they sing, “She waits on Saturn’s rings with a deep blue galaxy smiling behind ‘er. Oh, how we’ve waited for this moment since the beginning of time. It’s been the talk of heaven for centuries to have you fulfill the oracle of lovers waltzing before the King only to have Him cut in and ask, ‘May I have this dance?’”

Chester Delagneau

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