A Purring Kitten

I watch you curled up on my lap like a purring kitten.

Your ear–a pink nautilus shell, an ocean of internal wonder, a finely-tuned miracle–receives a range of auditory frequencies, including the soft whisper of my voice calling your name as you sleep.

The ambient sound of spontaneous cooing does not ask your permission. Colorful waves of light for your ears illuminate the crevices of your mind as your body unfurls and stretches itself like a purring kitten.

I smile watching you transition from dream to day, while there’s still daylight left on this flight. I imagine God looking down at us both, smiling. His presence can still be felt amidst the now crying babies and turbulent tides in the sky.

You’re no longer a purring kitten but a roaring lion ready to pounce on your irritations. But take lesson from the irritant atom of sand in an oyster’s mouth that slowly evolves into a pearl: don’t shoo away your irritations. Invite them into your mouth, so when you speak, you speak pearls of wisdom.


Chester Delagneau

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