The literary devices of style (i.e., how something is said), tone (i.e., an attitude towards the subject), and mood (i.e., feelings and emotions created in the reader), which make up the author’s voice is of no minor importance in a narrative. The same goes for the narrative of our life, which the Supreme Author writes.

Regarding style, God communicates to us the mysteries of the universe in easy-to-understand diction (viz. scripture), so we can easily hear his Voice.

To those of us, who need to be comforted, his tone is neither harsh nor critical; rather, it is enthusiastic and comforting. And to those who need to be challenged, he inspires them to become better. No matter what the circumstance, whether we need to be comforted or challenged, our Beloved always sets an intimate or, dare I say, a romantic mood.

The emotions he conjures up in our hearts empower us not only to listen to his loving Voice, but to imitate him—the way he speaks and brings dead things to life. As a follower of Christ, we do not allow worldly circumstances to set the mood. (God’s Son sets the sun and hangs the moon for us!) He has already set the mood by resurrecting from the grave—conquering sin and death—so we can also be victorious. The dénouement of our story is not just to enjoy the life to come, but also to rejoice in the midst of the storms of this life.


Chester Delagneau

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