JESUS / “Rainbow Sandals”

It has taken me a long time to truly understand a very simple thing, something the Bible has prescribed all this time, which is to fix our focus on Jesus! Erroneously, but with well intentions, I thought that the more I focused on maturing myself through sanctification the further I left the elementary principles of the gospel behind me. But when I did that, I left “the joy of the LORD” (Neh 8:10; cf. Heb 12:2) behind me as well. I had forgotten to make the Lord my “first love” (Rev 2:4). Now instead of bifurcating Christ’s justification and our sanctification, I realize, practically speaking, we must keep the two bound together, always in front of us–with our left eye focused on the Cross and our right focused on the Blessings that flow freely from it.

Here’s a poem that stems from my newfound appreciation.

“Rainbow Sandals”

My legs forget to stand.

My body descends.

Calloused knees quiver in holy fear

as the familiar ground draws near.

A crucifix before me.

I fall to the ground-

a symbol of a genuflected heart.

I hold on to the foot of a crimsoned-cross.

Caterpillar eyelashes synchronistically touch and detach

preparing coffee ground irides

for what they’re about to see:

hanging hamburger meat,

on public display,

without a heartbeat,

suddenly transformed

into living tissues,




and flesh.

Resurrected metacarpals lift me up.

Love speaks, “You are a slave of fear no more.

Now, go on your merry way.

Go, make disciples, and don’t delay.

Don’t take an extra tunic or a staff.

And don’t be anxious about tomorrow’s unintuitive math.

I have your future planned;

you’re life isn’t a product of blind mutations, chance or man.

Carry your yoke from town to town,

which I especially made for you, invisible and light,

a form-fitted crown.”

“But what should I say?”

“Don’t you worry.

They’ll know Who sent you.”

But how long should I keep this up?

“As far as your Rainbow Sandals will take you.”


Chester Delagneau

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