Quantum Particles of Irresistible Grace

O detached string of causal necessity give form back its feeling by the imprint of Light’s touch. Your quantum particles of irresistible grace fill vibrating vessels of visible vicissitudes. Are you for real? Or just a figment of my imagination? Or part of my collective unconscious, if there is such a thing? How can I prove Your existence? Solipsists say that You’re just an illusion. And conspiracy theorists claim that You never exited. But I know you to be the Way of kings. Matter-of-fact, You are King of kings. You illuminate their path. Paradox and truth are not in opposition to You. You swallow darkness whole and sleep soundly with Your eyes wide open. You flirt with matter and seduce gravity’s fall. How can entropy resist You, the Redeemer? You, most noble of all phenomena, shine brighter than all scientific theories. You, most creative of all creation, swim faster than the speed of sound on dolphins’ lips and faster still than the speed of light through a double-slit experiment. Do You know how beautiful You are? Or are you humbly unaware that Your reflection inspired the sun? I praise God for You and the way You simultaneously accentuate the subtle nuances of art’s meaning yet differentiate the thoughtful layers of an artist’s heart. All living creatures depend on You and desire Your opalescent touch. In awestruck wonder, flora and fauna worship Your tongue’s unleashing of photosynthesis. The Architect consulted You when planning His magnum opus. What do You uncover that cannot be seen, but our rebellion of quantum particles of irresistible grace?


Chester Delagneau

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