A long stride

with secure steps he owns,

that find not the left

or the right to sooth,

yet the road less traveled.


Brave is his name

but tell him not

for he will laugh out loud.


Integrity is his native tongue

for he has alliterated

his trusted companions:

patience and prudence.


And love is simultaneously

both his identity and destiny

for he fears not

the collision of heaven and earth–

the fusing of two passions

into one universe,

one galaxy,

one planet,

and one heart

beating for two

until the day

she finally recognizes you.


May God bless your flight

to live a life of purpose

for the glory and pleasure

of an audience

of One.

What He desires most

is for you to hold back nothing

for everything is nothing without Him.


Awaken the dawn.

Steel your spine.

Hike the steepest mountain’s climb.





provoke the best in us all.


But focus not

on a perfect mate.

Be a servant-leader

on your first date.


She stares up into the stars

from her far-away balcony

praying for God

to bring you

to her.

But stay put

for now.


Secure your armor tight.

Raise your sword

so she might

recognize her chivalrous knight.


Like Samson he leaves his head untouched. Like Barnabas he is an encourager to us all. Like Joshua he is a brave leader leading others into the promised land. Like David he is a man after God’s own heart. And like Moses he waits and waits for God’s timing to raise his own Samson, Barnabas, Joshua, David, and Moses.

Chester Delagneau

2 Responses to “Knight”

  • CPS says:

    What a beautiful bounty of poetic verse with scriptural guidance, hope, love and patience—for a friend whose walk has been on the mark. Blessed to hear it performed live.

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