Purple Passion

Barefoot I walk in a dew-filled meadow.

The sky flashes with your love.

An army of shooting stars

Trail ribbons of fire in their wake.

Your arms reach across the horizon

Bridging the lacuna between heaven and earth.

A wondrous cause-n-effect ensues:

Lilies caress lilacs and lilacs caress lavender

Nudging the great oak awake.

I doze into a deep sleep under its protection.

You kiss open my eyelids.

I yawn…

Your purple passion trickles down my pink throat.

My eyes flash with your love.

You catapult me passed the sun.

I swallow the moon.

It dissolves in my stomach,

Until moonbeams shoot out my fingertips

Illuminating your path to the stars.

We dance on Saturn’s rings.

Pure bliss awaits us on a bed of stardust.

Chester Delagneau

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