Plight of an Artist

The plight of an artist

Bleeds stripes of passion.

Across the back of a scarred soul,

Where self-medication takes its guilt-ridden toll,

The soul of an artist curves

Like a beam of light

At the edge of a black hole

Bending reality

With hungry arms

And a thirsty tongue

Suckling deep

At the breast of a lover’s song.


The plight of an artist

Pursues Eden with limp imperfection.

Rusted chains tethered to a warrior’s soul,

Where self-justification takes its prideful toll,

Senses like electric wires exposed

Emotions on a blank canvas plastered

Creativity like an onion peeled and mastered.

By divine motivation

An angelic chorus draws inspiration,

“A Poet from the womb

A Psychologist at birth

A Theologian’s empty tomb

Redeems an Artist’s earth.”


Chester Delagneau

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