When I was in graduate school at Biola, I had a professor who would call us “naturalists”! At the time I thought he was saying it in jest, but now I realize he was at least partially kidding. So how can self-professed Christians be naturalists? I think what my professor meant was that as Christians we often behave as if …Continue reading →

Nicaragua II

As some of you know, I am writing my mom and dad’s memoirs. The excerpt (below) is taken from the work in progress, Flight to Freedom. (My father starts by reminiscing over his personal experience flying a wide variety of disparate aircrafts over a seven year period, from 1963 to 1970, in the Nicaraguan air force.) “I flew a North …Continue reading →


NICARAGUA, my beloved homeland, has experienced more tumultuous revolutions than any other country in Central America. To better understand the current socio-political climate of Nicaragua, Alan Arnesto–long time family friend and proud Nicarag├╝ense–gives us an up-close-and-personal depiction of Nicaragua’s longing for peace and prosperity, in the midst of governmental greed, scandal, corruption, and violence. “Ay Nicaragua, Nicarag├╝ita, la flor mas …Continue reading →

Liberation Theology

If you have ever heard the term “liberation theology” in conversation but were too embarrassed to ask what it meant or maybe you are already acquainted with the term but you would like a relatively terse description of it, then look no further. In this 10 page paper, you will learn the methodology of one of the movement’s favorite sons, …Continue reading →

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