Daily Prayer for A Victorious Life

Lord, Fill me with all hope, joy, and peace in believing You and Your promise of eternal life and good works in Christ Jesus! You have given me a conquering spirit of power and love, not of fear and failure. I remember that past and how You have saved me and healed me. I think of the present and how Your …Continue reading →

Suffering Love

As Believers we are called to “rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” (Rom 12:15, ESV). It is easy for us to celebrate with those who are joyful, jealousy and envy aside. But to sympathetically mourn with those who are suffering is to slow down and show love. This suffering love is a testimony to the world …Continue reading →

Morning Blades

Have mercy on me, O Lord, a saint who sins. For You and You alone are truly merciful. Only you can understand why You’d forsake Your throne to be scorned at the hands of cowards, all-the-while, being left fatherless during the height of Your suffering. How great is Your mercy? Greater than all the grains of sand in all the …Continue reading →


God’s Ghost has a way of overwhelming me with His love and tenderness. In a sort of dream state, I find myself holding – ever so gently – the face of the person next to me gazing into their eyes to see what heaven sees. Whether we are acquaintances or not, or whether they know it or not they are …Continue reading →

Author of Love

We say we love, then turn around and hurt those closest to us. We are savage creatures not worthy of trust or love. But Christ is love. Now I’m free to love because it is no longer I who love but the Author of Love whom I trust to love through me.

Dutifully From Above

Love’s breath beckons me forward But fear of cloud’s rain and storm’s gain Holds my lungs ransom. Life quivers Death considers But nothing can explain what jitters inside me. From ropes of despair to angelic hair, From heart’s bleeding to joy exceeding Is what one man saw. A captive of love’s entanglement – I am. I used to surrender to …Continue reading →

traffic jam

When paper hearts colored in crimson are left on the window sill, the sun fades love away. People walk-by not seeing the cracked lines or scribble in the sky. Fidelity is an unwanted seatbelt and monogamy is driving the speed limit. But salvation is a traffic jam when we care to look inside. 070503

Prayer of Blessing

LORD, we ask that You would hear our prayer and adopt our son as Your son so that from an early age Nathanael Joseph DeLagneau may know who he is in You—a redeemed sinner in Christ Jesus. May he know that when Your Spirit resides in him, You will neither leave him nor forsake him. May he be a godly …Continue reading →


A student of love takes the train to visit the last of tomorrow’s rain. A rusted locomotive steams between the undulated mountains that grow greener by the passing whisper of her name. Flooding the country with sorrow’s rain she struggles to hold her head up high. She ponders the collision of eternity and happiness as she imprints the wet earth …Continue reading →

Mystery of Tears

Spasms and sobs speak louder than words. Friends of freedom’s flight slip down dual mountains of pink flesh As the fulfillment of time flaps its wings away into the fray. Tiny drops of love’s deep fill our hearts whole like a bucket that overflows. Only the bravest of men cry aloud to manifest the spirit of undergirded joy. What can …Continue reading →

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