God’s Track Record

We want to overcome our fears with faith in God, but how do we do that? One way is to remember God in context to History. Recall what God has done throughout the ages for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, et al. Particularly with the patriarchs, God was sovereign, providential, merciful, and He kept His promises! Now focus on …Continue reading →


Familiar winds of fear take from me my last as I fall in a puddle of redundancy. Heaven opens and clouds gather to manifest my destiny. I challenge myself to a hazardous hike in the winter of my spirit’s fright to fight and be free. On my journey, I bring a pair of scarred shins and calloused feet to pave …Continue reading →

Unusual Red

She unlocked the bolted door and danced her way inside passed the Rembrandts towards a large stained glass window. She opened the colorful aperture to welcome in the wind. She hummed and danced while the flowers in their beds arose to unexpected bliss. She caught a glimpse of herself in the hallway mirror. Her wrinkles turned to cheer. An electrical …Continue reading →

Mystery of Tears

Spasms and sobs speak louder than words. Friends of freedom’s flight slip down dual mountains of pink flesh As the fulfillment of time flaps its wings away into the fray. Tiny drops of love’s deep fill our hearts whole like a bucket that overflows. Only the bravest of men cry aloud to manifest the spirit of undergirded joy. What can …Continue reading →

Signs and Wonders

She dances around the orange sting with a glowing impression that summons the native children. The red rebel embers blush at her intrinsic strength. She grabs the night air and spreads it through her thick raven hair. The fire crackles and salutes her wearing a red- and yellow-striped uniform perfumed with sap and sequoia. She fixes her eyes on heaven’s …Continue reading →

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