A Celestial Secret

This poem is in honor of Linkin Delagneau:

Your last breath;
Our first touch.

Your gentle spirit;
What’s not to love?

Your tenderness lit up the room
When your angelic face peaked out your mother’s womb.

Our souls connected,
Our fingers intertwined,
I held your tiny hand inside mine.

You held real still,
You hardly made a fuss,
As we imagined you crying through the night—
Lungs full of fight—
But Providence insisted to Him we entrust.

Time seems to stand still
Every time I think of you
Pressed against my breast
Listening to my heart say,

“I will always remember you as you lay,
So peaceful and calm without delay.

This is not the end,
But the beginning of your journey
As heaven’s son;

A celestial secret
Till we hold you again
Under a brighter, more perfect sun.”


Categories: Poetry/Short Stories

Chester Delagneau

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