The Best Version of Yourself

Be kind. Be understanding. People are fragile, whether they show it or not. Learn to recognize the frightened child in all humanity by listening rather than talking. Just as you were when you were a child—afraid of failure—you will undoubtedly be tempted as an adult with the fear of not being accepted by your peers. The same goes for all of us. None is exempt! Some are just better at masking it than others. But I want you, son, to remember that you have not been given a spirit of fear, but a spirit of dynamic power and strength, creativity and generosity, self-discipline and wisdom. You’ve been equipped with power to call out fear in others and even in yourself and banish it, forever, by the authority you carry in Christ. Believe it and you will be a kinder, more generous person. Live it and you will understand the plight of all persons. When you can begin empathizing with others and responding in sympathy to their needs, you can help anyone and everyone whom the Lord places in your path. If kindness (sympathy) and understanding (empathy) have evaded you, you have evaded being the best version of yourself.

Chester Delagneau

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