Fear stifles creativity and productivity. When we focus on our fears we unconsciously activate our sympathetic nervous system, which stimulates activities associated with the “fight-or-flight” response. This distress signal to our autonomic nervous system takes blood away from our extremities, including our brain, and rushes it to our vital organs. When this happens, our body overrides rational thought focusing on brute strength (fight) or escape (flight) for survival. Not only are we not able to think clearly in a state of fear, our minds succumb to a state of unrest. This restlessness makes it nearly impossible to think creatively inhibiting the productivity of a free flowing imagination. When we are at rest—a byproduct of a stimulated parasympathetic nervous system—we live as we were supposed to—as prosperous, creative, rational beings. In other words, we were meant to thrive, not merely survive.

Chester Delagneau

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