Insanity is to exist a lifetime of doing and not knowing – and worse – knowing and not doing.


A healthy imagination is infectious!  One must go out of her way in a feverish attempt to deprive herself of God’s innovative genius, which transforms people into resourceful giants, otherwise known as artists. 040703

Heretical Hearts

Perilous Christians are those who deceive and prey on new believers whose naivety causes them to swallow sand thinking its sugar. They are in fact guilty of two splendid evils: limiting God by capitalizing on the Holy Spirit and mocking Him by pretending to wear a form of godliness, all-the-while, lugging around heretical hearts – hating the sinner and loving the …Continue reading →


We fear truth because truth requires accountability and change. But once we are accountable to that change, truth will set us free from our former fears. 012604


Guilt is not of God. The Holy Spirit instills deep conviction in the minds of men. Scrutiny filters through the chambers of the heart that overflows into the soul to conform us to Christ-likeness.

Cardiac Surgeon

God is in the business of changing hearts and Jesus is the cardiac surgeon on call.  Our job is to lie still on the operating table until the Holy Spirit instructs us where to go.


When it comes to understanding the mind of God the carnal mind is futile. It acknowledges the existence of a higher authority, yet fails to surrender the flesh to be stretched, stained, and ultimately broken for a redemptive heavenly suit.

Author of Love

We say we love, then turn around and hurt those closest to us. We are savage creatures not worthy of trust or love. But Christ is love. Now I’m free to love because it is no longer I who love but the Author of Love whom I trust to love through me.


Atheism is a short word for pseudo-intellectual tantrums.


Our nature as human beings propels forth a dual propensity to overcomplicate what is simple and oversimplify what is complex. The antidote to our perception of the dichotomy of life’s incomprehensibilities is a twofold injection: healthy and humble self-awareness (meek and lowly in spirit) and discerning knowledge (wisdom), which is predicated on the desire to know the thoughts of God. …Continue reading →

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