Poetry/Short Stories

Saturn’s rings

She waits for me on Saturn’s rings with a deep blue galaxy smiling behind her.


If my tears could see, they would watch you brighten the room with your smile. If my lips could dance, they would hold you close. If my breath could hear, it would listen to only the sound of your voice. If my heart could speak, it would shout your name from mountaintops.  


God’s Ghost has a way of overwhelming me with His love and tenderness. In a sort of dream state, I find myself holding – ever so gently – the face of the person next to me gazing into their eyes to see what heaven sees. Whether we are acquaintances or not, or whether they know it or not they are …Continue reading →

Frustrated Emotions

Whenever I am consumed by life’s nagging questions, I entertain nature. I run along the shoreline racing moonlit waves until they run out of breath. The soft sand grips my ankles tight calling my name as I stand at the edge of a white foam balcony. She accepts me for who I am. We listen and understand each other well. …Continue reading →

A Feather Apart

Two doves devoted to white Take shelter in winter bell’s flight. A beak chirping for two Tongues a string of promises that holds my heart’s key for you. The fright and freedom of love’s plight Is a phenomenon understood not, until wings soar safe in receding blue high above mountain’s climb, where purity and passion collide. The earth and I …Continue reading →

Eternal Sunset Down

A soothing whisper leans to hug and kiss ‘er above the wrinkled blue to catch the ash of winter. She breaks loose and dives deep burning the sun’s lips on the salty sea. Familiarity is forgotten but a quixotic search for the one has begun. His home is cold without the touch of her smile on his shoulder; suddenly, he …Continue reading →


I think of you, even now, as I sleep. I wish to hold you and have you hold me. O to be forever lost deep inside the “island in your arms” Swinging on an ole tire swing under the maple tree in the “country of your eyes.”


The sweet nectar of grace disguises itself as redemptive rain. The height of paradox and pain–a world drunk in drought, an anorexic stout, a thankful pout, a silent shout. The wind turns purple, holding its breath, waiting in vain. O Redeemer: will you ever come, again? Rumours of apocalypse dispatch with no sign of a saviour, but psychological certainty is …Continue reading →


God accepted a self-initiated invitation to embody His own creation. They proclaim One called the Christ, neither legend nor hero, but God enfleshed. He lived among us, so they say, doing nothing more or less than exemplifying love in time and space; all-the-while, foreknowing an imminent terrestrial disgrace. But why would Omniscience do such a thing? Rumor has it, oracles …Continue reading →


Where is the encourager of today? Perhaps he is hiding behind this generation’s banner of animosity.

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